AFD Digital Challenge 2019 20,000 € Pirze

French Agency for Development commits alongside high impact digital actors in Africa. For this new edition, the AFD Digital Challenge wished to combine the challenge of digital transition with that of sustainable cities, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG). ​

“ The creation of sustainable cities and communities” is a major challenge in view of the massive urbanization affecting the African continent. In fact, the vulnerabilities related to the centralization of populations are numerous and more particularly in a global context of climatic instability.

A sustainable city is one that has to, first of all, answer the basic needs of its population, and being the economic engine of the country, has to integrate the different environmental, social and cultural challenges related to its development.

Digitalization is a powerful lever for the development of a sustainable, resilient and modern city in which its population actively participates in public decisions. However, the rise of digital technology must remain inclusive and accessible to all so as not to increase the inequalities of the continent.


  • International Visibility
  • Winner will receive 20,000 €
  • A tailor-made support program "Acceleration pack"


  • Your startup, association, or research center is developing a digital solution that promotes the development of inclusive and sustainable cities in Africa and falls under one of the categories below? So you can apply !
  • The development of digital tools that focus on creating or improving sustainable and efficient public services
  • The use of digital technology to improve the knowledge of the city, facilitate the local decision making and improve the risk and disaster management.
  • The development of digital services that stimulates local economic activity.
  • Use of digital technology to improve exchanges between local authorities and citizens.

Application Deadline: 18 November, 2019.

For more information: VISIT HERE TO APPLY

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