LandCam Call for proposals for the 2019-2020 small grants

The Landcam project aims to be an effective, efficient, inclusive and sustainable governance tool that allows all land stakeholders to reconcile and, above all, to reconcile economic and development objectives with the sustainable land and resource management goals.

The Landcam Small Grants Scheme aims to support innovative civil society initiatives in land management. This call for proposals is open to Cameroonian CSOs and focuses on potential solutions to recognize and secure land and resources rights, as well as methods and approaches to increase the participation of indigenous communities, youth and women in inclusive and participatory management. Land conflict management processes and approaches are encouraged.

 The Small Grants Scheme will enable Cameroonian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to
access funds in order to:
  • Address deficiencies in land rights and natural resources security approaches;
  •  Link local discussions to national debates on reforms;
  • Meet the knowledge gaps identified by stakeholders in LandCam-initiated dialogues;
  • Build the various stakeholders’ capacity on effective, inclusive and transparent land
  • Test analytical and policy tools, as well as instruments for the prevention and/or
management of conflicts relating to land and natural resources;
  •  Strengthen the knowledge and use of participatory mapping as a land management tool
(customary, communal...);
  •  Support the consideration of local realities in regional development processes. 
Grant amount
The overall package available for 2019-2020 is 65,000,000 CFAF. The Small Grants Scheme
will allow eligible Cameroonian CSOs to apply for grants ranging from 5,000,000 to 19,000,000
CFAF and for project durations of three to twelve months.
No contribution is required under this call for proposals, as the grant shall cover 100% of the
project amount.

Eligibility of applicants: Who can apply for a grant?

Eligible beneficiaries will be Cameroonian CSOs or research institutes legally registered for at
least two years. Activity reports of the last two years and a photocopy of the receipt of
declaration or approval as an NGO must be attached to the proposal.

Types of eligible actions

The Small Grants Scheme will provide support to activities that aim to achieve the following
  •  Deepen understanding of land and natural resource governance issues and possible
  •  Deepen understanding of implications and outcomes for various social groups, especially
women, youths and indigenous forest peoples, and effective means for inclusive land and
resource management;
  •  Evaluate and promote successful approaches to land tenure security;
  •  Design and test analytical or policy tools on land dynamics that are innovative, effective
and adaptable in other settings;
  •  Promote inter-stakeholder dialogue at local level (e.g. community/local authorities or
  •  Test and promote conflict management approaches (between private company and
communities, indigenous and Bantu communities, breeders and farmers...);
  •  Promote participatory mapping and consideration of local realities in regional
development processes.

Application Deadline: 30 November 2019

For more information: VISIT HERE TO APPLY

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