Elrha JOURNEY TO SCALE: Funding for Scaling Humanitarian Innovation

Scaling humanitarian innovation remains a critical challenge for the global humanitarian community.

Too often promising innovations fail to gain traction and wider uptake. This means work and resources are wasted, and great ideas don’t reach their full potential. In a resource-constrained sector, there is a need to generate greater impact from investments in innovation.
In direct response to this challenge, we are launching the second round of Journey to Scale.

Area of work: Scale
Funding amount: Up to £580,000 GBP for each project
Journey to Scale (J2S) is aimed at humanitarian innovators who have successfully piloted their solution in at least one humanitarian setting and are now looking to scale up its impact.
Journey to Scale will provide initial support for ten shortlisted teams to develop scaling strategies for their innovations.

We will then award five teams with the strongest proposals flexible funding of up to 580,000 GBP each to explore different scale pathways and refine their approach.

Overview of the process

J2S includes two phases: Strategy Development and Strategy Implementation.

Phase 1: Strategy Development (May – September 2020)

Following an open application process, ten innovation teams will be selected to take part in the Strategy Development phase. The teams will receive mentoring and support to develop a comprehensive scaling vision and strategy. At the end of the Strategy Development phase, we will bring the teams together for a workshop to learn from each other and to finalise their scaling strategies. Up to 10,000 GBP will be available to each team to support this phase.

Phase 2: Strategy Implementation (December 2020 – 2023)

At the end of the Strategy Development phase, the ten teams will be invited to submit their Phase 2 proposal, including their scaling strategy. The five strongest proposals will progress to the Strategy Implementation phase, receiving up to 580,000 GBP each in grant funding.

In addition to financial support, we will also offer one-to-one mentorship for each team throughout the grant period, as well as workshops to strengthen their scaling capacity, further opportunities for peer learning through the grantee cohort, and access to our network of former grantees and humanitarian partners.

To be eligible to apply to J2S:
  • Your organisation must be a legally registered entity (ie, academic/research institute, government, international non-governmental organisation, national non-governmental organisation, private company, Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, United Nations agency or programme, or civil society organisation).
  • Your application must be from a single organisation, rather than from a partnership between two or more organisations. We encourage this to ensure that there is clarity over the ownership of the innovation and that teams have the flexibility to explore diverse partnerships throughout their scaling journey.
  • Your innovation must address a challenge from one or across multiple sector(s) of humanitarian action. It can involve either directly empowering or supporting people affected by crises or providing services to other humanitarian actors.
  • Your innovation must have been piloted in at least one humanitarian setting. This might include, but is not limited to, a rapid-onset disaster, slow-onset disaster, or conflict or protracted displacement situation.
  • Your innovation must have undergone an independent evaluation of its effectiveness.
  • If your team is part of a larger organisation, you must have agreement from leadership to explore different pathways to scale, including potential uptake of your innovation by other organisations.
  • You must not have previously received funding in the first round of J2S.
  • Your team must be able to attend the Strategy Development workshop (two to three team members), taking place 8–10 September 2020, plus a day of travel time on either side. The location of the workshop will be confirmed at a later date.

 Application Deadline: 14 Feb 2020
 For more information: VISIT HERE TO APPLY

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